Nick, we love your work!
How much should we expect to spend for you to be part of our big day and to have an awesome experience?


Let me ask you a few questions before we talk about price...

  • Are you excited about your wedding photography and who's potentially going to be your wedding photographer?
  • Do you value photography, the persons work behind the camera and the time they spend developing their art?
  • Does the photographers work you have looked at absolutely knock your socks off with the quality of work they produce?


I love my job. I love that I can be creative and I want to do an awesome job for you. In order to do that, I need to be given creative expression and for you to value what I do. My packages start from £1650 though the majority of my lovely couples typically spend £2200+ with me for Full Day Photography (12 hours) and my expertise as a Creative Engagement Shoot Photographer, reflecting my time, experience, creativity and skill.

I encourage couples to get in touch who are not only excited about their wedding photography and what their wedding photographer will do for them, but also really value photography and give it worth. 

You have no idea how much it means to be chosen to photograph your big day. Please don't make your choice based more on price, make it about loving a photographers work first and foremost. No one has ever said in the history of weddings, "We wished we booked a cheaper photographer".

Some more advice:

  • Invest early (minimum 10% of your wedding budget)
  • Price is a reflection of the quality of work, years of developing skill and experience
  • Dates do get booked up quickly (1-2 years) so do get in touch soon, so I can be available.


*** Travel expenses (wedding and/or engagement)
*** Hotel for Weddings more than 2 hours way
*** Destination Wedding Travel/Accommodation Expenses etc

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