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Are you excited about your wedding photography and who's going to be your wedding photographer?
I think you should be!

Feel free to call or email me through my contact form and I can send you my PDF detailing more about how I work and the packages I offer. Please enquire about 2020 pricing.

I'm all about being creative and uniqueness. Anyone can take a photo, anyone can spot the obvious locations and take a photo of it. For me, I can and on occasions, will shoot the obvious locations, but I want to give you more and spend time giving you more creative alternatives from your Engagement Shoot up to your Wedding. Something unique has far more value than something that's been done a thousand times before. 

If I can give you any advice about Wedding Photography it would be to:

  • Invest early (minimum 10% of your wedding budget - £1600+ for a well experienced professional)
  • Don't base your decision on price, base it foremost on loving the photographers work and style. Great wedding photographers aren't cheap. The price is a reflection of the quality of work, years of developing their skill and their experience.
  • Often the most expensive parts of the wedding day are the most important and thus where the quality matters the most. The quality of other things that can be booked for your wedding, may not be as important.
  • If you're not excited about your wedding photographer and your wedding photography, you probably haven't booked the right photographer for you
  • Dates do get booked up quickly (1-2 years) so do get in touch soon, so I can be available.


*** Travel expenses (wedding and/or engagement)
*** Hotel for Weddings more than 2 hours way
*** Destination Wedding Travel/Accommodation Expenses