Testimonials from my wonderful couples

I have had the privilege and honour of capturing couples Engagement Shoots and Weddings across the UK and some wonderful overseas weddings too over the last 10 years. Thank you so much each and everyone of you for choosing me to tell your story through my eyes. It's been a pleasure getting to know you and your guests. Thank you for getting what I try to achieve and fully embracing my passion and creativity. Here are some lovely words of kindness from my couples:

Sam and Mary

Partyfields Woodland Festival Wedding Dorset

I (Mary) first saw Nick's work online back at the very beginning of mine and Sam's engagement as I was browsing on the internet for Dorset Wedding Photographers and waiting for Sam to finally allow us to set a date. I instantly fell in love with Nick's relaxed style and brightly coloured images. The thing that captured my attention most was people's smiles; they all seemed genuine, not forced and uncomfortable like I was expecting my own wedding photos to be!

Skip ahead a year and a half and with a date (and budget) set, we were ready to begin planning. I was put in charge of finding our photographer. A competition had come up on Facebook for the chance to win full day wedding photography by another photographer, so with budget in mind, we applied. Low and behold, we won but the feeling we got wasn't of elation. Whilst this photographer's work was ok, it just didn't excite us. Constantly in the back of my mind, I was drawn back to those colourful, happy photos I'd seen years previously of Nick's.

Turning down our prize of free photography and contacting Nick was one of the best decisions we made throughout the planning process. He was so helpful, giving us ideas for timings and ensuring we had all the shots we wanted. He put us completely at ease, got stuck in with our somewhat unusual wedding, made jokes with the bridesmaids in the morning and was the perfect fly on the wall for all of the special moments during our day, many of which we missed out on seeing - who talked to who, who danced the Celidah, the moment lots of guests carried chairs from our beautiful woodland ceremony to our festival style reception setting for us etc.

Our wedding photos are treasured memories for us both and we are so glad that we didn't limit ourselves having a wonderful photographer because we were too focussed on budget!

Thank you Nick!"

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Luke and Amy

Italian Villa Wedding Photographer Dorset

From the very first meeting with Nick, we knew he was the wedding photographer for us! His passion for photography and his creative eye really put him head and shoulders above the rest that we had seen.

Looking through his portfolio at the creative ways he captures light and capturing that perfect moment, had us smiling ear to ear knowing that he could create this for us on our very special day - and he did not disappoint!

Nick has always been so friendly with every conversation and meetings we had with him. It was like we had all known each other for such a long time putting us at ease, especially when pointing the lens.

The engagement shoot was something we had never experienced before and we were feeling quite anxious, but Nick made it an amazing experience and the photos he took at The National History Museum in London were so amazing and beautiful that afterwards, we couldn’t wait for our wedding day to arrive as soon as possible!

Nick captured our big day perfectly from start to finish. His use of light and unique eye for locations made our photos look so glamorous. He made all our guests feel at ease, capturing beautiful freeze frames of the day without anyone knowing he was there. He never made us feel rushed or taken away from our big day, yet captured everything we wanted.

Nick as our photographer was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding and we couldn’t recommend him enough, thanks Nick.

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Josh and Rosie

Careys Manor Photographer
After our initial skype call with Nick, we knew he was the photographer for us! His photos and passion for wedding photography gave us the confidence that our day was going to be documented with style, and not feel like it was posed.
For the quality of photos we were looking for, Nick's passion and dedication... we got an absolute steal! The proof is in the pudding. Our photos are immense and he really managed to capture magic moments of our day. The engagement shoot was a great afternoon with Nick learning about how he works and how we could work with him to get the best possible images, without feeling awkward in front of the camera.
We couldn't recommend Nick enough, from recommendations, to support on the day. Nick went out of the way to make sure the day ran as smoothly as possible!
Josh and Rosie's Stourpaine Dorset Engagement Shoot

Liam and Stephanie

Christchurch Harbour Hotel Wedding

We started our research by checking out lots of photographers websites in the Dorset area - getting a feel for what we liked and what we did not like - from how photographers take their photos and how they edit them.

We chose Nick because his photos are different from a lot of others and never the same. We wanted the wow factor and loved how Nick shoots and edits his photos.

We didn’t choose our photographer by looking at prices, because this was an investment. It didn’t matter because after speaking to Nick and getting a feel for his work and ideas and what he could offer us, we knew he was right for us.

For a couple that doesn’t normally take loads of photos of themselves, our engagement shoot was a great opportunity to feel more comfortable in front of the camera before our wedding and to have photos of both us in a location that meant a lot to us. The engagement shoot was great fun and awesome photography, as were our wedding photographs and we can’t wait for Nick to photograph us again in the future.

Wedding photographs are one of the most important parts of the day and you need to love your photos when you look back at them in years to come. We highly recommend Nick - you won’t be disappointed

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Simon and Robyn

Sopley Mill Wedding Photography

Nick’s work is incredible!, We look back through the photos and still can’t believe it’s us! We look like something out of a wedding magazine! The use of light brings the photos to life so we can relive the day. We couldn’t have asked for anything more. We will always recommend nick to anyone getting married. Not to mention the fact he’s a lovely guy and so professional and helpful.

Thank you Nick



Andrew and Eileen

Christchurch Harbour Hotel Wedding Photographer

After meeting Nick for our engagement shoot, we new we had made the right decision for our wedding.

The service Nick provided for us on our wedding day was impressive. He made everyone feel comfortable and relaxed. Our guests have commented on his professionalism in capturing every special moment, whilst blending in with the crowd.

The video Nick filmed of us opening our wedding album totally emphasised the way we felt when seeing the photos again and the quality of the album and design. "JUST WOW" - the photos were simply stunning!

True to his word, he portrayed uniqueness which added that extra special touch to our magical day.

Thank you so much Nick

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Nigel and Sarah

Wiston House Wedding Photographer Sussex

We first met Nick at our venue, Wiston House in Sussex and Sarah and I are so glad that we did! We loved his style of photography that perfectly captured both the key moments and the un-seen interactions between our guests.

Nick is a perfectionist, both on the day and afterwards with the creation of the final beautiful images. As part of the package, our Engagement shoot at the Tate Modern in London allowed us to understand his photography process and provided a wonderful set of memories in their own right.

Meeting Nick to review the final 600+ photos of the wedding was a very moving experience for Sarah and myself and we can’t help viewing them again and again. In fact filling an album is hard as we have so many amazing shots to choose from.

Finding Nick certainly made our wedding easier and the experience even more special and memorable. We are extremely pleased with the results and would certainly use Nick again for any future events.

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Chris and Charlotte

Christchurch Harbour Hotel Wedding Photography

Neither of us are particularly comfortable having photos taken. You want someone who knows what they are doing and can put you at ease, which is why we chose Nick to capture our day.

When we got engaged and had set a date, we looked through a fair few photographers to find a style that we liked. Nick’s work just kept popping up. And the more we saw, the more we loved it!

Looking back, we know we made the right choice. Nick is everything that you want in a photographer. He is hard working and his experience and passion shine through in his work whilst making it fun at the same time.

We decided early on that we wanted a package that included an engagement shoot in order that we could gain confidence in ourselves but more importantly understand how Nick would work. We chose Hampton Court and nearby Bushy Park as our location and it was interesting to notice how Nick would pick certain locations for a photo opportunity - very different to what we expected.

On the day of our wedding Nick once again surpassed himself. He has the ability to capture people’s emotions at just the right moment. We will be forever grateful to him for suggesting that we have some photos taken on the beach. Those photos are some of our favourites and it was a really great opportunity to take some time out together on quite a busy day.

We originally had a budget of around £1,750 for a photographer, but we were willing to go over should we find someone that we really loved. After all, whilst the memory of our day is still vivid, in the future, we will be left with the photos to relive those memories and that is why we decided to spend above our budget.

Each time we look at our photos it makes us smile and remember those moments. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Nick, he really is fantastic at what he does and you will not be disappointed.

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Haf and Kaila

Old Vicarage Wedding, Hampshire Photographer

As we were having a wedding and reception on two different days, we wanted the wedding to be relaxed, simple and elegant. Considering the distance, Nick was very accommodating and worked around our timetable. He understood what we were looking for from our vague descriptions.

It was very useful that Nick had previously shot at our chosen venue. Meaning he was ahead of the game and knew where he could situate himself to get some great shots.  On the day itself, Nick was once again very accommodating and was going with the flow of the day rather than dictating, which made things very easy when dealing with such an amazing yet stressful day. 

He was constantly thinking of ways to capture amazing shots, and he did! He was able to make the most of all the weather conditions we had thrown at us on the day. Simply put, we now have photos of our day that we can cherish for the rest of our lives thanks to Nick.


Scott and Viv

Rudding Park Harrogate Yorkshire Wedding

We first met Nick at a Wedding fair. We heard him speaking to other couples and you could instantly tell how passionate he was about his work which was very important to us, as it made us instantly aware that he truly values his work.

We got married at a Church in Harrogate and then onto Rudding Park Hotel (also in Harrogate, Yorkshire). Looking at our incredible pictures, we can truly appreciate the talent and skills undertaken by Nick to achieve such amazing results!

Our photos are beautiful and very creative! Nick had unusual but very effective ideas for pictures!

Nick is very professional and his energy throughout the day was outstanding, he was never in your way and was very happy to take pictures when asked. It’s very hard to speak to all guests on your wedding day, however, the pictures gave us an insight of their joyful experience.

Thank you again for capturing our special day Nick and providing us with wonderful memories and keepsakes for the years to come.

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Antony and Liz

Salisbury Wedding Photographer

From start to finish Nick was a dream to work with. My husband and I are not the best in front of a camera and were quite nervous, but Nick made us feel confident and relaxed. He also helped us think outside the box for our engagement shoot which ended up being at Ikea and we had so much fun!

On our wedding day, Nick was everything you could hope for in a wedding photographer. He caught some truly special moments that I didn't even know he was there for! All of our photos are unique, creative and beautiful, he really captured the atmosphere and feel of the day. I really cannot speak highly enough of Nick and I am sad it's all over as we won't get to work with him again!

Thank you so so much Nick, I know some friends have already contacted you already, fingers crossed we will see you at more weddings in the future!

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Dan and Sally

Lulworth Castle Wedding Dorset Photographer

We met Nick at a wedding fair at Lulworth Castle when we had just started looking at planning our wedding. We loved the bright colourful pictures he creates and captures and we knew we needed to have him! As soon as you see his stunning photos, you know that he will capture the beauty of your day, and thus, Nick was one of the first things we booked for the wedding!

Nick is so friendly and approachable. He didn't overload us with jargon and a sales pitch but was just so passionate, he made us so excited for our wedding photography. We had our engagement shoot with Nick at Sculpture by the Lakes in Dorchester which really put us at ease about being photographed and really helped us to think of what kind of photos we wanted from our wedding day. On the wedding day itself, Nick just fitted in perfectly! We kept forgetting he was there! Nick has such an eye for creating individual breathtaking photos, yet he is so calm and relaxed in the way he achieves them. Throughout the day his creativity was evident….he had us standing on Lulworth Castle Tables!!!!

After the wedding we were so excited to see the photos and relive the day. The photos were so stunning, just breathtaking! They were better than we could of imagined! We loved how he captured everyone so unaware and really captured the essence of the day. We will forever treasure our stunning photos and I will plaster them all over the house!! I have already had so many comments from friends of how they loved the photos and many have already contacted Nick to book him for their wedding. We couldn't be happier with our decision to choose Nick to take our photos! We couldn't recommend him enough!

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Paul and Jessica

Hampshire Wedding Photographer

As an art teacher excited by the visual world, it was important to myself and Paul that we found the right photographer. We were instantly attracted to the vibrancy and clarity of colour in Nick's work as well as the stunning and imaginative compositions that he captured.

On the day our our Wedding venues, Westgate Hall in Southampton, Hampshire and The Vestry (also in Southampton), Nick made everyone feel very comfortable and relaxed. Nick was extremely discreet; we were amazed by the number of photographs that had been taken during the day where we had no idea that Nick had even been near by.

Nick captures the day as a story, and every time we look at our photographs we feel like we are reliving the our wedding day again, and for us, this is priceless.

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Philip and Rachel

New Forest Hampshire Wedding

We found Nick after reading some good reviews online and checking out the beautiful photographs on his blog. We arranged to meet Nick and soon realised how passionate about photography he is. His attention to detail and enthusiasm made it an easy decision to book him for our day. We initially were unsure about having an engagement shoot but we are so very glad we did as it was a lot of fun and made us feel much more relaxed about the big day. On our wedding day in Breamore, it was a real pleasure to have Nick with us. He managed to unobtrusively capture stunning photographs of our wedding day which we really treasure.

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Simon and Holly

Ashton Farm Wedding in Dorset

We can't thank Nick enough for the fantastic work he does. His professional, friendly and relaxed approach just made everything so much easier for us, not only on the day itself, but in the months leading up to it. His knowledge was so useful in planning the day, timings for catering and the band etc. His eye for detail and passion for individuality gave us the most wonderful captured memories of our special day. Everyone mentioned how impressed they were with Nick, he got on so well with everyone, and it was a genuine pleasure to have him there. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Nick to anyone.

Thank you so much for everything Nick.

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Tom and Clare

Highcliffe Castle Wedding

We first met Nick at the Italian Villa Wedding Fair where I noticed a photo I’d seen before. It was a beautiful large frame of a friends engagement shoot in the New Forest, this instantly drew us in, waiting in line to speak to Nick. That wait was 100% worth it. We knew right after that first chat we wanted Nick to capture our day. We didn’t make it easy for Nick as we live in France! Nick is very keen on building a good relationship with his clients & likes to make everything as personal as possible, We had Skype Meetings, with possibly the slowest internet connection ever, but Nick was great, explaining and repeating (due to broken connection) everything possible. We were even more convinced, if that was possible, that we’d found our photographer.

During that first Skype chat we expressed an interest in having our Engagement shoot in France (as Nick never does the same location twice). This was no problem for Nick and so we set about booking it immediately. It didn’t even cross our minds to utilise our own home, however, when Nick arrived his skill, eye for detail and creativity enabled him to capture some of the most beautiful photos we have ever seen from just an old barn or a brick wall in a little French Village. Nick joined us for a day and a half, arriving as a photographer and left a friend.

Needless to say we were excited for the wedding day! It’s not the most ‘normal’ thing to have somebody capture you getting ready in the morning but the rapport Nick works on building up with you instantly puts you at ease knowing its him who is going to be on the other side of the lense. His likeable, relaxed and bubbly personality endeared him to the whole family (3 generations, 20+ people in one house getting ready for a wedding) you didn’t know he was there.

Nick had warned us there was limited light and time because of our 3pm September wedding, so he worked with us to get as many photos as possible shot before the wedding had event taken place. He advised us on timetables for the day, bands, suppliers, make up artists and when would be best to ‘sneak’ away to get the best photos of us.

The whole process from booking to editing our Wedding album has been flawless, great communication, great end results; a great service. Nick was more than just a photographer to us. 

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Strat and Emily

We simply can't thank you enough for the superb services you have provided for us. We could not be happier with the photos. From the moment we met you, we were filled with confidence because of your professionalism.

Our guests have commented on how skilled you were at capturing such natural photographs, without us even knowing you were there. We love your work but also adore your fun personality. You seem to 'just get' what myself and Strat are all about; geeky, silly and relaxed.

Lots of love, Strat and Emily x

Simon and Rachel

Wiston House Wedding in Sussex

We met Nick at a wedding fair in Poole. We had planned most aspects of the wedding but were struggling to find a photographer that we clicked with. As we live in Dorset but were getting married in Sussex we didn't think we'd find a photographer at the fair, however we couldn't believe our luck when we met Nick!

He was so personable and friendly, didn't overload us with jargon and a sales pitch but was just so passionate about photography and making sure every single couple get exactly the photos that they want from their day....and he would happily travel to wherever our wedding was! Before we made our decision we went to visit Nick at his house and saw some of the albums he'd created for other people. We also discussed our ideas and we left feeling very excited and paid the deposit that night!

Over the next year we had lots of contact with Nick and kept up to date with his amazing work on his website and Facebook. We had a few meetings with him in which we discussed the photos we hoped to get from the day and Nick put us at ease with his expertise with advice on how the day should run to achieve the best photos, whilst still having enough time to spend with our guests and each other.

On the day, Nick arrived early and was there to capture every moment! Nick was the perfect photographer with a great mix of being assertive (getting our wedding party into the perfect position for group shots is no easy task!) and blending into the background to get some brilliant natural shots of our guests and us. He worked absolutely tirelessly throughout the day and we had so many comments from our friends about how brilliant he was. There was nothing that was too much of a task (even waiting for it to get dark and then standing out in the rain to capture the perfect night time shot before driving back to Bournemouth!).

After the big event we were so excited to return from our honeymoon to see our amazing photos. We were invited round to Nick's to view the photos in comfort and loved every moment of reliving the day! When our prints and canvas arrived (in mega quick time and brilliant quality!) Nick hand-delivered these, adding to that personal touch even more! We were told by so many friends who had got married before us that the photographer is the most important thing to organise - after the day you'll be left with your memories and your photos! We couldn't be happier with our decision to choose Nick to take our photos! Nick captured the most amazing photos for us to relive the day over and over again. We couldn't recommend him enough!

John and Natalie

John and Natalie's Wedding at The Italian Villa, Poole

Nick is a wonderful talented photographer with lots of experience and attention to detail. He met us a few times before our wedding, he came and took photos of Evie (our baby), then we met up again a few weeks before the wedding for our Studland Beach Engagement shoot! We had so much fun then and even more on our Wedding Day.

Thank you for whisking us away for our beach shots (this was a highlight for us!) It felt like having a friend around rather than someone you hired to do a job. Plenty of guests were also very impressed. The photos of us look like they should be in a magazine, totally glamorous and stunning!! Oh yes they did end up front page of a Your Hampshire and Dorset Wedding Magazine!

Also, we think you’re a great guy...really personable and friendly with a non-invasive style... The pictures have been beautifully edited to perfection and we couldn't have asked for any more.

Nick designed an AMAZING album for us, which will forever remind us of the day. We would recommend him to anybody, who is intending to get stunning pictures of their big day. Thank you so so much – John and Natalie Ruda xxxxx

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Sean and Diana

Lulworth Castle Wedding Photographer

There are a few aspects to a wedding that when planning on which one you choose, you need to have that feeling of “this one just feels right” – that is the case for the venue, the dress and the photographer!

When you first meet Nick, you instantly get smacked by 2 things; His passion for quality and putting the customer first at all costs.

We met Nick on a very wet October night over a cup of coffee and we talked though what we wanted as a couple and to be honest, we didn’t really know! That sounds strange but I guess if this is your first time getting wed’ then you go in with a mind-set of “we want photos taken of our special day”. So for us having a very experienced photographer was fundamental when choosing our photographer. Nick was able to help us “photography virgins” through what the day would entail and how he would capture the special moments in a stealth manner, majority of the time being unnoticed.

This made us as a couple feel secure knowing we had a very experienced photographer at the helm that would not only capture the visual keep sakes for the rest of our lives, but also help facilitate the day’s activities (as a project manager, this element was stressing me out) which we were very grateful for!

The day was beautiful, helped by beautiful weather (something Nick unfortunately cannot promise) and Nick captured the most beautiful shots of my bride and even made me look like I do this kind of thing every day! 

As promised, Nick went about capturing shots around the castle and grounds as if you didn’t know he was there and the wedding party formal shots which sometimes do feel like a laborious activity (at other weddings I have been to) were done in efficient fashion but I must stress we never felt rushed and nor did our guests.

After the event, Nick invited us over for a coffee and we ran through the photos, reliving the best day of our lives (Man Warning: It may bring a tear to your eye)

The album, canvas
es and photos as part of the package were swiftly returned after we made our important decisions of what’s in and what’s out, with Nick once again helping us out where we became stuck! We chose Nick's beautiful Acrylic covered album which looks ever so professional and the colours and standard of printing of the photos are second to none.

Again Nick excelled himself by personally dropping the album over to us giving us that personal touch to his overall service.

Overall: We couldn’t recommend Nick enough to capture the best day of your life. He may not offer the cheapest package but he certainly isn’t the most expensive. My Nan once said, “if you buy cheap, you buy twice”. Unfortunately this doesn’t apply to a wedding. It’s a one off event which goes ever so quickly and the person who can capture the day in spectacular fashion for you to relive the day is Nick Rutter".

Sean and Diana

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Russ and Natalie

Russ and Natalie's Wedding at Highcliffe Castle

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Nick you didn't take photos at our wedding, you captured once in a lifetime emotions and magical moments that will not be felt again, but will be remembered forever thanks to you!

Anytime I feel grumpy I look at our photos and the memory brightens my day! You have an ability to inconspicuously blend into the crowd and take natural relaxed 'real' shots; exactly what we dreamed of and you captured it. Our favourites are the ones of the two of us, they were more than what we could have imagined, you really did capture exactly how we felt that day and we will treasure them forever.

Until you have had your big day, you do not realise how important those photos are, your memory is not enough; the photos bring it back to life. You also gave us such a personalised service and really looked after us. We really felt like we were your only clients because you made us feel so special. Thank you again!"

Natalie and Russell

View Russ and Natalie's Wedding at Highcliffe Castle in Dorset

Marc and Lucy

"We had been looking for a wedding photographer for a little while without much success, when a friend of ours suggested Nick. Nick had captured their wedding photos beautifully so we made an appointment to meet.

From the moment we met Nick it all fell into place. He's a really easy going guy and clearly very passionate about his photography. We browsed many happy couples that he had captured on film and were very surprised to see photos of another friend's wedding which we attended.

If you book Nick you will realise that part of his skill is the ability to blend into the background during your wedding day. This is an impressive skill that gives Nick the ability to capture very natural photos of you and your guests.  This is also probably the reason we didn't recognise Nick straight away from our friends wedding. 

For us, Nick's style of photography, his presentation and uncanny ability to really capture the moment stood out from all the other photographers that we saw. His work is simply stunning.

Nick is all about the details too, for example our engagement shoot was a great way to see how Nick worked and for Nick to see who we were too. This certainly helps with a mutual understanding of what to expect on the big day and allows Nick to plan his creative magic.

On our wedding day, we stayed at the hotel the night before, breaking tradition. Nick saw an opportunity for a breakfast shoot and thought it would be fun to try to capture something different at a wedding. We are glad he did because we have a great collection of photos that span the whole day from beginning to end.

We felt totally at ease during our day, we didn't worry at all about the photographs, we just knew Nick had everything under control. We knew that he understood us, who we are what we liked and he excelled in our expectations.

Thank you Nick,

Lucy & Marc 

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Jon and Hediye

Jon and Hediye's Wedding at The Kings Arms Christchurch

"The first word that springs to mind with Nicks photography is... Quality! And there is no better word! 

When we met nick for the first time we were blown away. His enthusiastic approach and graphic design background was a big tick as the two blend well together. We decided that the style of picture was definitely for us. If you’re looking for a more natural flare to your wedding album then we'd say Nick was spot on. 

The picture quality of our album and canvases were immense....  They looked ridiculously HD! We have had such lovely complements about our photos and everyone has said what an amazing job he has done.

Nick captured every moment and more with our wedding at The Kings Arms Hotel and he took us to all the best areas to have our photos taken. I love looking back at our photos and trying to remember where he might have been when he was taking the photos, as most of the time I didn't even realise he was taking them! 

All in all, we are two happy customers and we're looking forward to having our further shoots with Nick when we have a family.  

Thanks Nick! Love the Garcia’s!!! " 

View Jon and Hediye's Wedding at The Kings Arms Christchurch

Ross and Lauren

Ross and Lauren's Basingstoke Hampshire Rustic and Country Garden Wedding

"Nick was highly recommended to us through a family member, who said his work was excellent and they weren't wrong. 

From meeting Nick and looking through his portfolio, we knew immediately he was the photographer for us. Nicks work is just so beautiful; so much thought has gone into every picture. Nothing was ever too much trouble. He even came to visit the church and reception venue before the wedding, which just goes to show how passionate he is about his work. 

Nick is such a professional, who captured everything and more from our wedding. It was important to us that we didn't have the standard, uniformed wedding pictures, but more natural creative ones that reflected the feel of our wedding day…Nick did just that! He chose such fun, quirky locations while also managing to capture everything at the perfect moment. Everyone who has seen our wedding pictures have commented on how beautiful and professional they are. Many have even gone as far to say that they look as if they are from a magazine shoot!

My husband and I honestly couldn't have chosen a better photographer than Nick. We just can’t praise him enough! Thank you so much again Nick!"

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Matt and Ali

Sandbanks Hotel Wedding Photographer Dorset

"From start to finish Nick was excellent. When we first met up with Nick, we didn’t really have a long list of the things we wanted, but we knew we wanted someone subtle and someone who would suggest ideas as neither of us are especially creative. Honestly, choosing Nick was a great decision for us- when we first met up with him he was confident, suggested some really cool sounding shots and wanted to get to know us so that he could take the right photos for our day. Throughout the process he gave us great advice, ranging from timings to locations and options if it rained- which it turned out we needed!

On the day, Nick was brilliant, a lot of our guests even commented on what a great job they thought he did- he captured great photos and moments without being intrusive. Both of us found that one of Nick’s best qualities was that he made us feel completely at ease and relaxed, from the very start of the day, right until the end.

A few times during the day he suggested impromptu shots having seen something, and they turned out to be some of our favourites. He also did a great job acting as weatherman for the day, managing to spot a small gap in the rain to get us some photos on the beach which was also important for us. 

We’d both thoroughly recommend Nick; everything about him is top quality, he is professional, gives excellent advice and takes stunning photos"

Matt & Ali

View Matt and Ali's BCC Church and Sandbanks Hotel Wedding

Manoj and Rakhee

Indian Wedding Photographer at The Italian Villa

The minute we met with Nick, we knew he would be the perfect photographer for our wedding day. He was so enthusiastic and excited about the day, it was really refreshing! We were both really impressed with the work Nick had previously done and it was very much the natural, crisp style that we were looking for. 

It was a real bonus that Nick had photographed our venue many times before as he knew all the good spots to get the perfect shot. Throughout the day Nick was very patient, calm and professional and executed the running of the solo shots and numerous group shots (with over 200 guests!) perfectly...we even had time to make it down to the beach for photos which was pretty impressive considering we had two wedding ceremonies in one day! 

Thank you Nick for capturing our day in such a beautiful way, its lovely to work with someone who is so passionate about their work. We wish you all the best in your future projects

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