About My Photography

It’s important to say that the type of couple that book me are serious about their photography. For me and for them, it’s not about money. Yes there is a budget to consider, but it’s much more about absolutely loving the photographers style/work and basing your decision mostly on that, as well as the quality, experience, products, service and rapport with me.

I love creativity. My job is all about being creative, which is why you may notice that my photography is different to some other photographers work. I like to shoot naturally, use shapes, shadows, highlights and try not to shoot the obvious shots, but give you something different and unique. A lot of my work is reportage, capturing you and your guests unaware, that I am there rather than looking at the camera.

I find it hard to define my style, but I love colours, shapes, smiles and anything away from the norm. I love to also shoot using dynamics both on an engagement shoot and wedding. Using the normal light, golden hour light, sunset light and night time photography which can be very creative and unique.

I never book a client without meeting with me first, or perhaps over skype if it's a wedding further north or a destination wedding. I have to know you totally understand what I do and why, be happy and excited about you photography with me and as well as helping you with any plans and ideas that I can.


I’m perhaps different from a lot of photographers because I base my business on friendship. And this starts with a meeting, and if booked, we then book in your engagement shoot, where the creativity starts!

Your engagement shoot is where the creativity starts! I love my clients and I am so fortunate to work with such brilliant people that become friends and thus an awesome working relationship throughout the whole process. I put a large emphasis on the Engagement Shoot (also known as a pre-wedding shoot or e-shoot) which is part of most of my wedding packages. The engagement shoot can be more creative than the wedding day, purely because we have the ability to literally go anywhere at almost any time, which opens up the options for creativity so much more. We're also not restricted by schedules which is often tough on the wedding day with trying to fit it all in.

I never shoot the same location twice for your engagement shoot.  Any photographer can go to go-to places like Lulworth Cove and other locations in the UK... and a lot do. I don’t want to be just any other photographer and give you photographs that have been done a million times before.  I want to give you something unique and creative where your wedding guests see them and say “wow you guys look great, what an awesome idea/location you had, I’ve never seen that before”.

We live in a beautiful country and a beautiful world.  We have the ability to literally go anywhere for your engagement shoot and almost make it like a day out at the same time.  We could even theme it around something you enjoy together if you’d like. 


I have lived in Bournemouth all my life. I have an awesome pup called Max, I love fresh coffee, fine wine, great beer (Punk IPA oh my word), going to the gym, healthy food and I love all kinds of music. I play for a covers band when I can and have played for a number of successful bands over years, as well as hosting a new music radio show for ten years. I’m a Christian and very down to earth, honest and approachable. 

When discussing your wedding with me, I am very open and honest about what I do and why I do it, as well as giving you advice and just being real with you about all the planning. Even the most organised Bride doesn't know all of the in's and out's about planning a wedding, so as well as photography, I'm here to help you and advise you on anything you'd like help with.

Awards and Accomplishments 

  • Honoured to have been listed in the Top 50 Wedding Photographers in the UK 2016 by Go Hen
  • 2013 and 2014 Photographer of the year award at the Dorset Wedding Supplier Awards
  • Shortlisted for the 2014 SW Regional Photography Award at the Wedding Industry Awards 
  • Work featured on Wedding Blogs such as Rock My Wedding, Your perfect Wedding Photographer and Boho Weddings  

'Unplugged Weddings' - Please leave your cameras/phones at home 

I am a HUGE fan of 'Unplugged weddings' - this is where people are asked to leave their phones and cameras at home and let the professional do their job. At the same time as enforcing the concept of 'seeing the moments happen with your eyes, not through your phones'. I have a zero tolerance for people using their phones/camera at key moments for my photography, especially coming up and going back down the aisle and the first dance.

People have become obstacles for photographers now, making the photographer miss the moments you have paid them to take! Also, as a guest, you too miss the moments as your attention is more on your phone/camera than the couple. This is so wrong! Please bare this in mind for your wedding. 


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